Who I am, why I Changed

It has taken me a year of studying at Cooley Studios, Classical fine art, to realize, I should be documenting what I am doing, learning, creating❤️ and some of the process by which I’m doing it.  Why?  for me More than anything,   To practice writing, and learning how to Blog .   Look, I’ll be honest, I am not a writer.  Most times I write like I talk.  I am also, not a good editor.  All No No’s in creating a Blog.  So as I begin this process of Blogging.  I promise to edit to the best of my ability, and try very hard to make the content interesting to read.  Now, to the business of fine art.   A little about me to get you familiar with who I am and why I made a major change in my art world.

If you look at my Bio on my website, you will see that I have been a self taught artist from 2009-2017…I was creating portraits, animal paintings, as well as Ballet Drip paintings, painting in my studio, whatever I was feeling that day.   There is something freeing about doing that.   I was lucky enough to have a studio in a growing artist community that had open studio nights the first friday’s of the month,  so I was able to meet a lot of great people and sell some of my work.  I also displayed work at local business and still continue to do that to this day.   I was starting to get recognized within the community.   If they didn’t know me, they were starting to notice my work.   So, why did I make a change?

It is a scary thing for sure.   I loved my studio.  I really did.  It was my space.  I could sing, dance, sit in silence with no one to bother me, it was my world, my get away to create whatever I wanted.   I sketched out time out of my schedule, usually in the morning, til late in the afternoon every day.  ( I am very lucky to be at home, quitting my job and helping my partner in Crime, Dan out with his business when he travels.  As payment, I don’t have to sit in a cubicle.  I also, give up a regular paycheck, drive a 2006 Jeep, basic, nothing fancy.  Don’t shop for what I don’t need and I don’t go or do much outside art and home life).  Boring?.  Yes.  But if it’s not a free activity, I usually don’t do it.   Its a trade-off I have agreed to make, so that I could make art.

At the same time of enjoying a studio and self taught artist creativity.  I was lost most of the time… I didn’t understand why or how I would create a color , a tone, why something worked and why so many times something didn’t.  My drawing skills needed help and I needed instruction.  I had taken some classes, drawing, painting, at our local art community center, and they were helpful, but not complete..I was still left with lots of questions.  I needed to go back to school.  I thought about CCAD, which is a very expensive art college.  I was considering that when an email from The Greater Columbus Arts Counsil came through a gentleman, named Michael Cooley was offering a 4 week color Theory class for Free!  Never mind it was going to be held at 5pm North of Where I lived.  I would have to drive through FRIDAY Rush hour traffic to attend this class…( I don’t enjoy that AT ALL btw). Anyway,  I didn’t think twice about it…I didn’t even research who in the heck Michael Cooley was… I emailed the contact and said sign me up!  He emailed me back, asked me to call him.  We chatted about what I was looking to learn by taking his class?  He asked all the right questions.   I was impressed with all he explained we would be introduced to in the class.  and I couldn’t wait!

There were 5-6 of us in the class.  One was a CCAD Graduate.  We all sat after the first class with our mouths wide open.   Even the CCAD Grad.  Michael was offering a very limited version of color theory, but more than that he explained what his school classes would offer if we wanted to study with him.  Now, I know you are thinking, ahhhh this guy is promoting his school, that’s why hes’ Offering color theory for free.  You would be right. However, I couldn’t believe it…As different as classical fine art Is from what I was doing,…. I knew it was the instruction from beginning to end that I was looking for.

So, long story short.  I changed because I needed change.. Cooley Studios has taught me to slow down, to realize quality over quantity.  To focus.  It doesn’t always come easy.  I have probably given Michael a few grey hairs in the past year, with my frustration, my lack of confidence.   Truth is my drawing skills, not perfect, are 100% better than they were before I started.  I am learning a completely new for me, old process of color theory right now and what used to be throw paint on canvas and see what happens, now requires study, thought and understanding the  why.  I am excited to share with you different study pieces that I have worked on.   Just so you know, art in this class takes time to finish, nothing is ever done quickly,  but I’ll share progress shots and try to explain what and why.  I don’t know if you are inspired by this blog to make a change in your life…your journey is your own, but as scary as it was to make my change, I am so happy I did…I love this quote, although not sure who orig. said it, but It is how I feel having made this major change.   “Love what you do, do what you love.”


* If you are interested in Cooley Studios work or study information check out his website…