Starting over

Have you ever had to start over?  As an artist, I am finding myself doing just that.  My style has changed a bit and I would like to think improved.  I am finished with classes as of January and now its time to start creating some Fresh new work.  I have to admit, I am nervous…it’s not an easy task, being a full time artist, well, and make money to live that is.  I am lucky enough to have a supportive partner that helps in that regard, but in this unsteady time we are in, I still need to do my part and help pay the bills around here…so that begs the question how do I do that?  I find myself feeling unorganized enough to answer that question, at least at the moment I am writing this.  I am determined to do it, so there is that.  The first step for me is to get my self organized.  And by organized I mean…documenting every piece of art.  Calculating sales…creating an email list, and keeping folks informed .  Updating this website that I have so carelessly let go…creating new business cards…scheduling art events, shows….and many more things that quite frankly I do not enjoy doing.  Lets face it, I am an artist…I need all my time to paint and create, don’t I?   The answer is yes, and well no.  I haven’t taken any business courses before, so I need to use my previous experiences to help market myself…and I don’t enjoy it, because, I am not that good at it….but in order to create business for myself I need to market myself…and yes paint…Starting over also includes creating new work, and I have loads of Ideas!  As part of the organizing of business, that is art, It is trying to focus and pick projects that I can complete … I am still learning to use social media for things other than seeing what all my friends are up to.  Writing this blog post is a kick in the butt for me…after all, if I write it down, that means I have to do it.  That’s my rational at least.   So here I am February 2019, and I, Ellen Knolls, am about to get my crap together and give folks a website worth visiting, create wonderful works of art that everyone wants on their walls and get my business side organized…Starting over,,,,Here I go…..Wordpress, where are my darn notes….😊