Spring Break/and a painting



Well this week didn’t go as exactly planned.   It started out like it always does…Monday.  Beginning the Cow Painting, which was interesting…painting the background first then the cow..then the flowers…seems simple enough, right?  Just wait….  First my spring Break experience.   We were scheduled, or dare I say have been planning for a year go see the premier Broadway production of The Iceman Cometh with clients/friends in NYC.  It was only to be a few days trip, easy to do..only have to pay to board the dog and cat for a couple days…( that is expensive, btw) and be back to finish out the weekend at home…but oh no!! Mother Nature and all her glory popped in for the 4th Noreaster in a 30 day period, seriously, poor New England this year..anyway, swooped in and just like that , the airline cancelled our trip.   We were worried we would loose our hotel charge and never mind the tickets!  But alas, all worked out…Hotel refunded us , tickets refunded us, ( actually they ended up cancelling due to set pieces that were missing) and our points for travel were returned.   It’s like it was never supposed to happen.  Bummer for sure..but hey, NYC is not going anywhere…and the good news after the bummer news was I was able to go to class and continue working on this Shadowbox Painting of my Cow.   This is the first Shadowbox painting of 3 that I hope to finish…Using White, Red and green, I was able to choose any 3 pieces to set up how I wanted…adjust the lighting the whole thing…I chose the cow…duh…cuz I love to paint and I just love cows… and the other two items were chosen just to make a cute set -up…So, the painting begins…I painted the background using a Black and Burnt Umber mixture ( pretty Standard),  I made sure I represented the way the light hit the back of the wall of the image and the base which is much lighter.   Michael asked me to start the white of the cow as the first part of the image…I was all excited until…well, lets just say I went too purple and was having a very hard time figuring out how not to do that.  I had to scrap the whole pallet and after painting the cow once had to find the right balance to start over again.  I realized that with white it reflects the colors and shadows around it, so you need to find the right pallet that does that.  I realized that the shadows were more grey and had touches of red and green in them..and the whites actually had a yellow tint to them…so I used Raw umber and white  with touches of the black mixture to create the darker values in the shadows and the whites I used a bit of the raw umber and white with touches of Yellow Ochre to find the right balance…It was a SERIOUS challenge, but I am so happy with the results.   Next was the ribbon.  It was easier to mix the red Mostly used Cadium Red light and Violet Mars mixed with some Black mixture to find the shadows…It took a lot of concentration really paying attention to how the light was hitting it…I still need to go back and add the highlights thSet featured imageat will really make it pop!  Mixing the green for the stems and leaves, was easy as well…I could have used a different green, and if it didnt require mixing several colors to create the right balance I would have , but Sap Green, it was the correct color with adding  cadmium yellow light.  but the worst part of using Sap Green…Its Translucent!  grrr…meaning see through, meaning very light coats need to be applied let it get tacky then apply more…as you can probably tell, I am not very patient….to say the least, not a fan of translucent paint…unless of course I plan for that.  But that’s what I m doing right now, learning.   Because this style is so different from how I painted in the  past, I was worried I would get bored…that’s not happened but I do struggle with trying to go back to my old ways and rush things…you just can’t with this process.  So here it is Sunday, with a bunch of drawing projects in the works it’s time I get started.  Until Next time,

Love what you do, and do what you love.