Slow Down!

Well, I am a little late this week getting this blog out.  It being Thursday, and I am trying to do these on Sunday..well, life got in the way this week.  I’ve titled this week’s Slow Down.  I think we could all use a little of slowing down in our lives.  I have always done things very fast.  I have multitasked all my life.  When my kids were little, I had to, If I wanted to get anything done that is.  As an artist, I have always done many pieces of work in a short period of time.  People at my studio used to always comment how fast of a painter I was.   Well, then enters This new process and, talk about slowing down.    I fight against my natural instinct to finish as quickly as possible all the time now.  I of course am trying to fit a lot of knowledge in a short period of time, so because of that, I try to do many different aspects of art in one day..which leaves me with a lot of struggles.  So, I am constantly reminding myself to not beat myself up so much.  Work on one thing at a time and if I think it’s going too slow, then slow down more.  It’s amazing what you actually see when you stop and really look.  I’m not just talking about art either.  I was walking my dog today and it was chilly but beautiful and sunny.   I needed to stop , and take a very needed break.  On my walk I was looking around, I noticed all kinds of things in the neighborhood, someone adding an addition on their house, leaves still on the ground from the winter cold.  I swear after living here almost 22 years, I still notice houses that I never have before.  I realized, I sometimes get so caught up walking Kenji, that I am just about gettting the task done, so I can get on to the next thing…today was different,  I slowed down.

I am excited to share with you what I am working on in class, and will do so this Sunday in my new blog, but be assured, it’s been a rough week.  I jumped in with both feet starting with the white on the cow…boy….wow, who knew how hard that would be…anyway, it’s one of the reasons, slowing down is the theme today.  Just because I’ve painted a great deal of cows in the past three years, it doesn’t make painting them with this process easy…you have to really look, compare and think about what you are doing…and yes….slowly apply the paint paying careful attention to detail. No wonder it took the Masters forever to complete their projects…to be fair they studied for years and probably always loved to draw/paint…I am starting this process at , well, we will say over the age of 50…and in 15 months, I can’t expect to Master it…even though every cell in my body wants to.  Anyway…I won’t bore you anymore with slowing down, but I will say…If you find yourself frustrated, exhausted overwhelmed…try it…it just might help.   Til Sunday,

Love what you do, do what you love,