Shadowbox drawing

Now that I’ve completed my 3 block (blue, yellow and red) color study, in a shadowbox format which was very difficult, the fabric took me FOREVER to drape, I am happy to say, I can finally start using the knowledge I gained from this crazy piece and start what will be the first of 3 shadowbox paintings, one, a brightly colored piece that is personal to you, using red, green and white, two, a dramatic piece descending from the darkness, and three, fruit.  Each piece with me gaining more knowledge to become a better artist.  So, for the first of the three –

Titled:  “Cows In Bloom”.

Drawing doesn’t come easy to me, even though I have spent a year at Cooley Studios learning to improve the knowledge I came to the class knowing, It is a slow process for me.  There are easier ways to learn I am sure, but this is what Cooley Studio’s program is so I am determined to master it…but, it’s gonna take longer.  Don’t get me wrong, I have improved dramatically, and I highly recommend studying this process, if your not good at drawing, or want to improve upon what you know, and you seriously want to commit to drawing realism then, I say find a teacher that specializes in this method, and go for it…you may very well “get it” faster than I have…(Note, I am a very stubborn persona and refuse to be defeated by the mighty Graphite Pencil!)

Anyway, back to this shadowbox piece.  For the first one, the requirement was to find something personal to you that is Red, white and green.  multiple objects to set up an interesting composition.  Once you have found the items then you set them up in your shadowbox, adjusting the light to set the tone and look of your image.   Once you have done that decide your paper size and commit to how large or small you want the piece to be drawn.  I tend to go middle size ( a bit bigger than I think I will , but not too large)  You can have the imaged sized after you finish to the correct size you are going to paint it, if you want it larger or smaller.  I chose a cow, flowers and a ribbon, I thought it would make a sweet styled painting…and I love cows…so there is that.

Then comes the painstaking drawing aspect…Yikes.  Actually, this drawing came a bit easier than the insane fabric folds of the last piece, ( “my practice, learn how to do it” piece).  Knowing I picked the images for this piece which included a bundle of flowers, that keep in mind, You must draw every single petal, but Hey, who doesn’t like a challenge, right?

Someone who wants to spend the extra time or if this drawing was left to be displayed as the drawing itself, would make sure every petal was perfect,BUT, alas, this will be a painting and even thought I am showing my rough drawing skills to the world right now, I will be able to cover up the imperfection with paint.

So, now that you know my process, which took about 1 1/2 weeks to finish, going to class 3 hours a day, and not on weekends, I’d say I am pretty well pleased.  Have you challenged yourself on a project lately?  Do you like a challenge?

I hope you enjoy this process.  It is certainly not for everyone, but art is art no matter what your path…I look forward to sharing the painting process coming up in the next blog…until then …love what you do, and do what you love.