New Year, New Blog, New Me

February 5, 2017

February 2016

New Year, New Blog, New Me,


Since Summer of 2016, after taking a Color Theory class (free) at Cooley Studios in Worthington, I made a decision to give up my studio in an up and coming artist community in Franklinton, so that I could afford to study with this person, who promises to improve my skills as an artist 10 fold.   Other classes exist, that quite frankly aren’t so expensive and will help me “see” better, so why such a radical decision? To put it this way, it was time. I loved my time at 400. 4 years, of moving into a undeveloped warehouse in a shady part of downtown…taking my chances that I would somehow grow to love being an artist, utilize my space to grow my work in size and detail. To make life long friends and learn what Columbus as an Art community is all about. But yes, it was time. It was time, because, people come and go, and year after year, I would find myself, teaching myself, but not really understanding why or how I created what I created. Not feeling confident that I could “ teach” what I know, when asked to do a class. Spending another Jan- March trying to come up with a series of art to show around town, still not knowing a good process to get there. I needed instruction, discipline and yes, a change.

I miss being around there for sure, this new life I have is an adjustment. I get up as if going to a job every day. I workout, I walk my dog, I go to class, I leave I help with our other business (we still have to pay the bills ya know) I come home, I cook, I try to still paint, even though I haven’t gotten to learning that in class yet…I practice drawing sills because that is what I’m learning in class right now. (More about class and instruction in future blogs) I’m tired…but I know that in the end this will be worth it. You see, I’m learning things about myself that I knew but didn’t keep in check. I’m seeing my bad habits as an artist come to the forefront, and not being allowed to get away with it.

Cooley Studios, is more that just teaching me how to draw and paint, it’s teaching me how to slow down, to really see, and understand what I’m doing and “how I am doing it.   This New Year is exciting for me despite all the political garbage going on, it’s exciting because I am finally writing a Blog! Discipline! I am finally learning process for creating Art that the Grand Masters of old learned! Organized! It’s a New Year, I have a New Blog and Yes, It’s a New Me.

Until Next Time,


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