Spring Break/and a painting

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    Well this week didn’t go as exactly planned.   It started out like it always does…Monday.  Beginning the Cow Painting, which was interesting…painting the background first then the cow..then the flowers…seems simple enough, right?  Just wait….  First my spring Break experience.   We were scheduled, or dare I say have been planning for a year […]

Slow Down!

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Well, I am a little late this week getting this blog out.  It being Thursday, and I am trying to do these on Sunday..well, life got in the way this week.  I’ve titled this week’s Slow Down.  I think we could all use a little of slowing down in our lives.  I have always done […]

Shadowbox drawing

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Now that I’ve completed my 3 block (blue, yellow and red) color study, in a shadowbox format which was very difficult, the fabric took me FOREVER to drape, I am happy to say, I can finally start using the knowledge I gained from this crazy piece and start what will be the first of 3 […]