About Ellen

Ellen is a Bexley, Ohio Resident, Self-taught artist.  Ellen’s passion Started in 2010, when she was introduced to Betty Davis’, Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain.  That book was instrumental in her love of painting.  She first had to learn the fundamentals of drawing.  The book helped her do that.  Taking Classes at The Cultural Art Center, in Downtown Columbus, helped confirm and inspire and lead her towards painting.  After taking over her dining room, she decided she needed a space of her own.  Finding 400 W. Rich in Franklinton, Ohio did just that.   Working in her own space, allowed her to experiment with many different mediums and resulted in larger works of art.


As a self-taught artist, exploring different styles is a process that I have used to learn new ways of applying paint to canvas.  Using Acrylics with Portraits and Laytex Enamel with the Drip Style started me on the path to expressive works.  Depending on what I choose as my subject, the outcome, though stylistically may be different, one theme remains the same, Expression. The “drip” style I use creates movement in the piece as well as expression, combing the two creates a flow to the piece, a feeling that I would like to think helps the person, lose themselves in the moment of the piece.  Although I am not a dancer, my love of the Arts combined the amazing abilities of a dancer,  works so well with this style of painting.  Some of my work you will find the combination of color and the drip style, using one basic color or sometimes several, combined with black and white help set the mood of a piece.  The discovery of using black against White has been a game changer for me.   You can find my work in various store -fronts around Columbus as well as my Studio located in Franklinton.

Upcoming Events

August/September 2016

Featured Artist – August/September

at Somedays Bistro and Wine Bar

101 Mill Street, Suite 105
Gahanna, OH  43230


Monthly through 2016 (2nd Friday)

Friday, August 12th!

Open Studio # 205

Location: 400 West Rich St. Columbus, OH 43215

Commission Pieces

Commissions are accepted based on availability of time.  50% Deposit required for all commissioned work.  Please contact me below for questions regarding any commissioned work.

Contact Me

Feel free to contact me with questions or other inquiries or to make arrangements to visit my studio at 400 West Rich St. in Columbus!

Ellen Knolls
Columbus, OH